1. Tonight is a Full Moon in Capricorn. But it is no ordinary Full Moon it is what is called a Supermoon, this means the Moon is closer to Earth more than at any other time and the Moon will appear extraordinarily big in the sky. The perigee Moon as it is scientifically called is a great time to attract luck and energy to yourself and to deal with health issues.

    This Moon is all about balance, as it is exactly the middle of the year. it is a time to ask yourself what you have achieved throughout the year so far and if you are happy with it. Take stock of all you have and all you wish for and work out a path or a way to achieve your goals in the coming months.

    Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn, is an Earth sign. It is focused on security and structure. During this lunar transit, you may discover issues related to these themes. Check that people are being honest and genuine with you and check that you feel secure in your life. To be happy we must first feel safe within ourselves, our homes and with the people we know.

    This Full Moon is known as strawberry Moon because Strawberries are now at the ripest. It is traditional to eat strawberries on this day. If you have a lover or a love interest give them roses as this Moon is also known as the Rose or the Love Moon. It is the perfect time to patch up relationships, get married or find a new love.

    This Full Moon is a great time to list down what it is you want from life and to work out what you need to do to achieve it. Give out your message to the universe and let it know what you want. Let your dreams, hopes and wishes manifest.

    source: Wicca Teachings

    The Dance at Alder Cove




    Customs of the Ancestor

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