1. Simple Smudging for Cleansing a property:

    A smudge stick is a dried bundle of sage/white sage with sometimes lavender, rosemary or cedar included. I will post instructions on how to make your own later :-) The smoke from a smudge stick can cleanse anything that is holding negativity from crystals to houses or workplaces.

    You will need:

    A smudge stick (bought ones are fine)
    A large feather/implement to ‘waft’ the smoke, ie. fan
    A cauldron/bowl to catch ash and embers

    Light one end of your smudge stick and allow any flames to die down so it is just smoking rather than alight. Place it in your bowl or cauldron so it is easier to carry

    To smudge your house, walk around each room, wafting the smoke with the feather, making sure you get the smoke into all the corners and over the upholstery. As you do so, recite the words, ‘Spirits of Air and Earth (Air for the smoke, earth for the herbs) please cleanse this space from the negative it holds, I ask you replace the bad with the good and for peace and calm to remain - Blessed Be!’ You can replace the Spirit element with the particular deity you choose to ask for help or simply replace with ‘Goddess’.

    To smudge an object, simply hold it in the smoke of your smudge stick and say similar words to those above - as with all spellwork, you can create your own words to say or simply adapt the words I use. You can also light the smudge stick, place it in your cauldron on a heat proof surface and leave it smoking for a while to allow the smoke to dissipate around the space.

    You should try to do this every month

    Genni )O( 
    Witchcraft, Paganism & Wiccan

    ☽✪☾ Youth/Father/Geezer☽✪☾

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